Opening Argument

Participation Trophies

February signals the start of solicitations and submissions for an ever-expanding set of directories and recognition programs for lawyers. The sheer volume of possible awards and superlatives can make it seem nearly impossible to be planful or strategic about which ones are worth pursuing.

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Finding the Best Mediators & Arbitrators Requires a More Intentional Process

Marcie Dickson is the founder and CEO of Alterity ADR, a national dispute resolution firm with a panel of experienced mediators, arbitrators, special masters, and expert conflict resolution specialists.

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Let Them Lead: Unexpected Lessons in Leadership From America’s Worst High School Hockey Team
by John U. Bacon

07 Feb 2022

Cultivating leadership throughout their organization should be a top priority for every leader. Often in the corporate world, people aren’t....

The Art of Gathering:
How We Meet and Why It Matters
by Priya Parker

22 Oct 2021

People come together for all kinds of reasons — to solve problems, to celebrate, to mark transitions, to build things,....

The Heart of Business:
Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism
by Hubert Joly

21 Sep 2021

In his time as CEO of Best Buy (from 2012 to 2020), Hubert Joly turned a company that was headed....

Leaders Eat Last
by Simon Sinek

24 Aug 2021

Take two companies of similar size, that make similar products for the same kind of customer. In one, employees engage....

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