The Art of Gathering:
How We Meet and Why It Matters
by Priya Parker

22 Oct 2021

People come together for all kinds of reasons — to solve problems, to celebrate, to mark transitions, to build things, to tell stories, to mourn....

The Heart of Business:
Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism
by Hubert Joly

21 Sep 2021

In his time as CEO of Best Buy (from 2012 to 2020), Hubert Joly turned a company that was headed for extinction into a thriving....

Leaders Eat Last
by Simon Sinek

24 Aug 2021

Take two companies of similar size, that make similar products for the same kind of customer. In one, employees engage in petty turf battles and....

Freedom from the Market:
America’s Fight to Liberate Itself from the Grip of the Invisible Hand
by Mike Konczal

28 Jul 2021

Some of the most heated political debates in the U.S. — around healthcare coverage, student loan debt, child care, work-life balance and access to home....